Monday, June 1, 2015

fursuit head

fursuit head

Tomas J. Bello 

Soooo, I've made a fursuit head. Its my second MAJOR project in Solidworks. Like the first project, it was easy and took about two weeks with 4 days off, distraction and weekends. That's really about 6 days, 6 days to build one of my proudest constructions in Solidworks. I had to change my original design since I had issues with one of the parts, it was more trouble than it was worth and didn't feel as if it looked as good, so I altered the design from from the sketch I'll post.

~Q: Soooooooooooo first question, what is Solidworks?

~A: It is an amazing program used by engineers, artists, and many others to build complex 3d structures on their computer with extreme ease

~Q: Well with that said, whats a fursuit head, if not a fursuit in general?


~A: Suits are made to give the look of an anthropomorphized animal (though some are made to be used like a feral animal). These are used by a fandom known as the Furrys/Furries, which is a group of people who love anthropomorphized animals. This group of people connect with animals, see them selves as animal (therian, but not all therians see them selves as furrys), and/or bond with the traits of an animal.

~Q: With that said, why a fursuit head?

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Real object in Solidworks

Tomas J. Bello: This my reconstruction of an iphone charger in Solidworks

Q: Why did you take this project?

A: I chose this project to test my skills and knowledge of solidsworks, building a to scale replica of a real object.

Q:What is solid works exactly?