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fursuit head

fursuit head

Tomas J. Bello 

Soooo, I've made a fursuit head. Its my second MAJOR project in Solidworks. Like the first project, it was easy and took about two weeks with 4 days off, distraction and weekends. That's really about 6 days, 6 days to build one of my proudest constructions in Solidworks. I had to change my original design since I had issues with one of the parts, it was more trouble than it was worth and didn't feel as if it looked as good, so I altered the design from from the sketch I'll post.

~Q: Soooooooooooo first question, what is Solidworks?

~A: It is an amazing program used by engineers, artists, and many others to build complex 3d structures on their computer with extreme ease

~Q: Well with that said, whats a fursuit head, if not a fursuit in general?


~A: Suits are made to give the look of an anthropomorphized animal (though some are made to be used like a feral animal). These are used by a fandom known as the Furrys/Furries, which is a group of people who love anthropomorphized animals. This group of people connect with animals, see them selves as animal (therian, but not all therians see them selves as furrys), and/or bond with the traits of an animal.

~Q: With that said, why a fursuit head?

(from: )

~A: I've always loved the look of them, cute, fun, and just sooooo interesting. I myself am also a Furry, so they just seem so fitting to build. In real life its much harder to build, but with Solidworks it was easy! Beyond easy! Yes I had some issues, but once I figured it out, BOOM I had it done and looking good in a flash.

~Q: How many parts did you make?

~A: Its made from 3 parts: the head base, the muzzle, and the jaw.

~Q: What was your first step?

~A: It all started from a simple (if not overly simple) sketch which I edited like I said. Originally the ear was a separate piece but for a mixture of ease and look, I chose to make it one big piece with the base of the head.

~Q:From there where'd you go? How'd you make it?

~1: I followed the sketch and made a half circle for the head

~2: Revolved it 180 degress.

~3: Then I made a small plane and created another half circle which I revoled to a sphere which lightly over layed the other revolve.

~4: From there I fillet it to shape them into a single real part.

~5: The result was then mirrored to make a base for the head.

~6: I than cut the coned parts that came out with a ringed extrude cut

~7: The cut ends were then fillet to make round smooth cheeks and to round out the head base.

~8: The result was colored to get an idea of how to do a fur pattern.

~9: I then cut a hole for the jaw to open into and for the muzzle to be placed over.

~10: I made a series of fillets and another cut for the muzzle to be placed in.

~11: I made an opening for the head to be warn and to guide the shell.

~12: Like I said I would, I shelled it out and made it completely hollow.

~13: I made an eye, mirrored it, centered the eyes, then I extruded a cut to make a pair of eye holes.

~14: I made a series of fillets which rounded out the eye and made it seem more alive and realistic.

~15: From there I made a pair of sketches and revolved them to make the ear.

~16: I mirrored the ears and then I made a pair of guide lines for the next part.

~17:When making the inner ear, I made a plane and used the guide lines to make a sketch. I used the sketch to cut out the inner ear. One I like the shape, I then mirrored them over to make it symmetrical.

~18: I used the extrude cut tool to trim out the inner ears

~19: I then cut off the tips of the ears and fillet them to round them and make them more real and cute looking.

~20: once the head base was done I made the muzzle by first extending a rectangle

~21: Then I added a series of fillets, to make it look like a natural muzzle

~22: I added and extended triangle in the front with the front of the extension pulling inward. Then I made a thin fillet on the bottom.

~23: After that I made a rectangle and turned it into an extended cut so I can make it a place where the jaw could hinge.

~24: I made a set of measurements and set a circle that I then cut to make a hole for the jaw hinge on both sides.

~25: This led to the last step which is the jaw. I made a rectangle as long and as wide as the muzzle, but when I extended it I made it a little smaller.

~26: I made yet another series of fillets to again make it seem more natural and cute.

~27: I made a rectangle with the same measurements as the one I put on the muzzle. Then I fillet it so it would look more natural as it moved in the hinge area.

~28: I then made a set of pegs to place in the holes on the muzzle, they are in the same spot with the same measures so they work as perfect hinges.

~29: From there it was a matter of making an assembly and mating them all in the right spots

~30: BOOM! You've got a moving and awesome fursuit head

~Q: Do you like how it came out?

~A: No, I absolutely LOVE IT!!!!~ It came out amazingly well, better than I thought to honest.

~Q: Very nice work! Are you planning on making this for real?

~A: I"d love to, I've always wanted one of these, and I'd love this since it'd be exactly as i want it.

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