Thursday, March 26, 2015

Real object in Solidworks

Tomas J. Bello: This my reconstruction of an iphone charger in Solidworks

Q: Why did you take this project?

A: I chose this project to test my skills and knowledge of solidsworks, building a to scale replica of a real object.

Q:What is solid works exactly?

A: It is a program used to create and design objects on the computer. Its very commonly used by engineers to construct complex objects easily.

Q: Why did you pick this charger?

A: Well I needed an excuse to bring in my charger, just kidding, I love its design and style. Symplistic yet pretty in its own way I guess.

Q: What type of apple charger did you make?

A: The apple 10w usb charger. It is a strong reliable charger if not some what bulky.

Q: How long did it take?

A: I did a part a day, but it took about 2 weeks because I was helping other students. I'm a precise and hard worker, but I cant resist helping when asks.

Q: How was it like using solid works to build this charger?

A: It was a fairly simple process, once you understand the controls you can build massive complex objects quickly. Uusing my knowledge of the program, I was able to use its many advanced features to create the detailed aspects seen here.

Q:can this charger be used on other products?

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A:anything that has a usb adaptability and can take 10w should be able to get power.

Q:what was your first step?

A:it took the measures of each part, than from there imade the sketches. i made a great effort to be close to the original design. I went and took the measurements of each side, face, nook and crany

Q: where'd you you go from there?

A: I opened solidworks and put the shapes and measures in to the program to build the parts. i had to build all the parts seperately, but it was easy and it was just a simple exercise in puttingf the info on to the program to make the right shapes

Q: How many parts did you make?

A: Technically i made three,but each part took several diffrent commands and shapes to make. If I didnt have such a good understanding of solidworks it would have been difficult, but I'm no master, I could always do beter and learn more.

Q: Did you like how the final product came out?

A:Yeah,I'd say it did, I love how it looks, it shows how my hard work can end with something beautiful that i can be proud of.

Q: would you like to be an engineer?

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A: To be honest its more of second fallback plan, I really want to be a teacher and novelist, but I love engineering so I may change my plans to make it my main plan.

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